Photo of a redheaded nonbinary person (Mik) kneeling in a field of bluebonnets. They are smiling and have dark lipstick on.

mik c. koats

writer. podcaster. VA.


mik c. koats (they/them) is a Texas based creator. They graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Playwriting and Dramaturgy. They're the co-founder of Lavender Lemonade, a inclusive podcasting production group dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories past the coming out. Some of the works they've produced include Transmission Folklore and Deep Blue Stars. They have two cats, Dusty and Death Annhilator 5000 and one human son.

voice acting

main cast

Transmission Folklore - Sorrel HucksonDeep Blue Stars - Dr. Indigo Pigeon Hale


full length readings

The Seed Becomes - The Landing Theatre New Voices Series - (Check out the talk back here.) 2020
Baby Don't Play - The Quarantine Series 2020

ten minute readings

Revival - Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 6
Roll for Length - University of Houston 2019

ten minute produced plays

Pliny is Wrong with Me - University of Houston 10 Minute Play Festival 2019
Roll for Length - NEOS Showcase 2020

podcast writing